PEZZAIOLI  Livestock parts


Franck Cassé and Pezzaioli, a long journey together.

We currently offer on our site a wide variety of Pezzaioli cattle fires.

Many other products are also available at our store and can...

 Luminous novelty


Spruce up your grille with these bright Scania Griffon logos!

Available in our shop individually. To add character to your truck, two will not be too many ...

For other colors and...

 Find us in 2020!


This year, come and meet us for these two events:

- The Truck GP at the Paul Armagnac Circuit in Nogaro on September 5 and 6, 2020 with our partner, the...

Scania S et R Next Gen


Most of our Scania NTG accessories are compatible for both S and New R cabs. For each item that varies depending on the cab, you will be offered an R...