VIP cabin

Because the comfort and style of your cabin interior is just as important as the exterior appearance, we have chosen to offer you a range of internal accessories that meet both your desires, your needs and which are of quality.

Handcrafted in Italy in a specialized workshop, we offer complete curtain sets with a wide choice of colors and models.


Each textile accessory is customizable with embroidery featuring your favorite brand and in various materials, from carbon-effect coating to crimped leather.

At Franck Cassé, you will find complete sets of floor mats, engine cover and seat coverings, luxury or sport finishes, as well as central shelves specially manufactured for each make and model of vehicle, without mounting or fixing drilling.

We also offer you to carry out more ambitious projects of complete cabin restoration with the installation of custom-made leather or berth panels. Do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about your project and together create a cozy interior where it will be good to live and drive.